10. maj, 2015

Andra tips i April

Joe Pug - "Windfall", Lee Havey Osmond - "Beautifull Scars",Ron Sexsmith - "Carousel One", Whitney Morgan - "Sonic Ranch", Drew Holcom - "Medicine", The Black Crowes - "Endless Sleep", Dwight Yoakam - "Second Hand Heart",The Lied To´s , Cris Cuddy - "Dear Elvis", Soulphonics - "The Heart Full of Soulphonics", Tom Russell - " The Rose of Roscrae", Lonesome Heroes - "Can´t Stand Still", Brad Absher - "Lucky Dog", Sarah Gayle Meech - "Tennessee Love Song", Will Hoge - "Small Town Dream", Rodney Rice - "Empty Pockets & A Troubled Mind", Ray Wylie Hubbard - "The Ruffian´s Misfortune", Ebba Forsberg - "Om Jag Lämnar Dig  Ebba  Forsberg Sjönger Tom Waits", Shinyribs – “Okra Candy”, William Clark Green – “Ringling Road”, Hill Country Gentlemen – “Don’t Belong Here”, Kimmie Rhode – “Cowgirl Boudoir”, Doughboys – “Hot Beat Stew”, Kaurna Cronin – “Glass Fool” , Claude Diamond – “Trouble On Memory Lane” och Sky Smeed – “Drive All Night”