8. feb, 2015

Andra tips i Januari

Dirty River Boys - "Dirty River Boys", Lee Ann Womack- "The Way I´m Living", Adam Hood - "Welcome To The Big World", Hannah Aldridge - "Razor Wire", Joshua Black Wilkins - "Setting The Dust", Peter Brooks - "American Stories", Brant Croucher - "Blanco Country Lights", Joe Koenig - "Bleed Like You Bleed", Cracker - "Berkeley To Bakersfield", Judah & The Lion -"Kids These Days",The Old Nationals - The Old Nationals", Justin Townes Earle - "Absent Fathers", Jonathan Rundman - "Look Up", The Satisfactors - "The Satisfactors", The David Motel - "People,Places, Things", Andrew Combs- "All These Dreams", J.F Oakes – “Acknowledge The Corn”, David England – “Superhero”, Drobac & Shaw – “Funhouse”, Matt Keating – “This Perfect Crime”, St. Paul & The Broken Bones – “Half The City” & Bob Dylan – “Shadow In The Night”