12. apr, 2014

Andra bra plattor

Austin Lucas -"Stay Reckless", Robby Hecht - "Robby Hecht", Del Barber- "Prairieography", Benmont Tench - "You Should Be So Lucky", Tom Russell - "Museum of Memories Vol 2", Gary Richard -"Sharing The Sugar", Adam Klein & The Wild Fires - "Sky Blue Deville", Reagan Boggs - "Quicksand", John Seiger - "A Walk In The Park With Greg Koch", Jody Weger - "On Land & Living", Vagabond Ways -"Vagabond Ways", Stewart Franche - "A Family Fire", Mason Porter - "Home For The Harvest", Wurster - "Raw", Don Williams - "Reflections", Div Artister - "Looking Into You: A Tribute To Jackson Browne", Elliott Murphy - "Intime", Ian Gomm - "Demonstates", Div Artister - "Souvenirs, Little Gems Of Pop", Wilko Johnson & Roger Daltrey - "Going Back Home",Ryan Vonderdrecht – “Beat Of Love”, Buzz Cason – “Troubador Heart”, Letter Jackets – “The Letter Jackets”, Finest Grain – Cain’t Controll It” & Famous Motel Cowboys – “Garden City Skyline”