3. dec, 2017

Andra bra plattor hösten 2017

Paul Kelly - Life Is Fine", Jeff Whitehead - "Blue Notes", Tom Russell - "Folk Hotel", Lilly Hiatt - "Trinity Lane", Gregg Alman - "Southern Blood", Van Morrison - "Roll With The Punches", The April Family - "What We Know Now", Chris Hillman - "Bidin´  My Time", Zephaniah Ohoro With The 18 Wheelers - "This Highway", Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams - "Contraband Love", Whitney Rose - "Rule 62", J.D. McPherson - "Undivided Heart & Soul", Louise Hoffsten - "Röster Ur Mörkret", Midland - "On The Rocks", Div Artister - "Hit The Hay Vol. 9", Flamin´ Groovies _ "Fantastic Plastic", Turnpike Troubadours - "A Long Way From Your Heart", Ed Dupas - "Tennesse Night", Margo Price - "All American Made", Luke Tuchsherer - "Always Be True", David Leivick - "Still Chasing The Shadows", Eric Brace, Peter Cooper & Thomm Jutz - "Profiles In Courage, Frailty & Discomfort", Fallon Cash - "Morning", Boris McCutcheon - "I´m Here Let Me In", Action Skulls - "Angels Hear", Brian Lisik & The Unfortunates - "We´re Sorry", The Roseline - "Blood", Ronnie Fauss - "Last Of The True", Bob Seger - "I Knew you When, Porter Union – “Porter Union”, Todd Sterling – “Pawnshop Guitar”, Greg Klyma – “Never Knew Caroline”, Gerry McGoldrick – “The Great Dissension”, Derek Hoke – “Bring The Flood”, Matt Hay – “Something Blue”, The Nines – “Colour Radio”, Travis Lee Kern – “Coal´s Low”, Maynard & The Musties – “Nashville Magic”, Chris Lund – “Great Event Syndrome”, Rob Lutes – “Walk In The Dark” och Rick Dinsmore – “Rick Dinsmore”