6. mar, 2016

Andra bra album i Januari & Februari.

Tom Gillam - Beautiful Dreamer, Slim Bawb - Ain´t My Monkey, Dennis Ellsworth - Romantic As It Gets, John Faye - Medding Kid, Any Trouble - Precent Tence, Gill Landry, Javier Escovedo - Kicked Out Of Eden, Harvest Thieves - Rival,  Beaux Atkins - Sout Hallelujah, Trolley - Caught In The Darkness, Lucinda Williams - The Ghost Of Highway 20, The I Don´t Cares - Wild Stab, The Westies - Six On The Out, Buford Pope - The Poem & The Rose, Eric Brace & Peter Cooper - C & O Canal, Vince Gill - Down To My Last Habit, Bonnie Raitt - Dig In Deep, Malcolm Holcombe - Another Black Hole, Donal Hinley - Dark Horse Days, Mark Huff - Down River, Ian McFeron – Radio, James Hunter Six – Hold On! Todd Perilloux – Proud To Be A Southern Man, Bill Chambers – Cold Trail, Long Ryders – Final Wild Songs & Grant Peeples & The Peebles Republik – A Congress Of Treasons